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Open Thread: Preseason game #2 - Rams vs Chargers

Has there been a preseason game with higher stakes in the last decade that you can recall? This is a big one for the Rams, not because of a QB controversy or anything so seemingly minor. The future of the franchise, though not solely dependent on this game, does have a lot riding on tonight. Sound crazy? Think about it.

The Rams need to re-ingratiate themselves to a fanbase that's largely given up waiting on the ship to right itself. That comes just months after long-time owner, Georgia Frontiere passed away and handed majority ownership in the team over to her children, feeding a deluge of rumors about the franchise being up for sale and the possibility of a move looming on the horizon. The team needs to sell tickets, lots of them, if they're going to make the case to stay in St. Louis AND regain the approval of fans and civic leaders before asking the public to kick in their hard earned benjamins to build a new facility about the time the 2015 clause comes up on their lease.

That's a lot of meaning wrapped up in one preseason game, huh? Well, so as not to saturate your evening with hyperbole, the fate of things won't be decided tonight, but a nervous Rams leadership would like to see good results in order to hype ticket sales for the season and get some leverage in Steven Jackson's holdout. The stakes aren't particularly high, but they're there.

Hell, enjoy it; may be the closest thing to a Super Bowl we'll see this season.