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Random Ramsdom 8/15: Did Wisconsin work?

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A smattering of links to start your Friday morning. But first, a quick programming note. I'm working on a defensive preview for this weekend. That will be up later today.

  • Could another summer in Mequon be in the cards? The theory behind practicing in far away, exotic Wisconsin reads that the Rams will have better, more focused practices and develop better team chemistry by being sequestered there. Against Tennessee last weekend they looked anything but focused. Expecting a miracle against the Chargers, arguably the league's best team, may be too much to ask, but we'll be watching for tight, well-executed plays and getting beat honestly rather than by themselves to see if the Rams' Mequon Theory holds any water. 
  • O.J. Atogwe emerged into his own last season, his third in the league, when he led the NFC in interceptions and topped all safeties with 8 picks. This season, he's playing with the franchise tag firmly affixed, and signing him ought to be a big priority for the Rams. Playing in his third season this could be Tye Hill's breakthrough year
  • From Pete Prisco's camp report, only three starters on defense, Little, Chavous and Brown are over 30.
  • Over the years we've just grown accustomed to bemoaning Alex Barron's failure to live up to his potential. There is a silver lining though. Rams writer Nick Wagoner makes a point about Barron's reliability. He's started 43 games and was the only guy not to go down during last year's o-line masssacre. 

Back at you later.