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Steven Jackson holdout: a recap

Here's the latest on Steven Jackson's holdout: ____

Nothing. There's no movement on the holdout front, but I know lots of people are stopping by for more information on the matter every minute, Rams fan and fantasy players alike.

If you're a fan, be sure to sign up for an account and join the Turf Show Times community, which might feel more like a support group if Steven Jackson doesn't get a new deal soon. Just click on the link in the upper right hand side of the page, and you're as good as in.

Here's a round up of recent items about holdout situation.

  • Rumors are trickling out that Jackson is thinking of dumping his agent Eugene Parker because he feels that the holdout is hurting him.
  • It's not hurting Jackson as much as it's hurting the Rams though. The first team offense failed to score and the ground game without Jackson was over matched. The Rams play the Chargers, another tough as nails defense, this weekend, so watch how the first team offense performs. If they perform well, advantage Rams; if they perform like they did last week, advantage Jackson.
  • Jackson did lose a year of his accrued seniority toward his free agent eligibility. He has until week 10 of the regular season, however, to report and fulfill the last year of his contract with the Rams. 
  • Finally, the fantasy impact for Steven Jackson is, so far, unchanged, and you can draft him with confidence...for now. 

So that's where things stand, about the same place they were last week and the week before, except that each passing day makes the situation that much more desperate.