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Rams to sign mystery defensive back

There's a mystery man coming to see the Rams today, a defensive back to be specific. Here's the PD's Bill Coats on the mystery man:

The Rams, light at both cornerback and safety, are bringing in an as-yet-unidentified defensive back. If he passes a physical, he’ll be on the field this afternoon or Wednesday

Who is this mysterious defensive back set to bolster the Rams depth in the defensive backfield? If you have a lot of time, here's the complete list of free agents. Good luck with that. To save time and headache, here's a couple names that popped into my head: Ty Law and Andre Dyson. Both veteran cornerbacks have turned up in a number of conversations among teams looking for depth at that position.

Dyson, 29, had a rough go with the Jets last season, inactive for the first six games of the season and then playing backup the rest of the way. He had solid numbers as a starter in 2006, until he was lost to injury in week 15, making 62 tackles and 4 INTs.

After 13 season in the NFL, emerging with the Patriots dynasty, Ty Law is essentially his own brand when it comes to cornerbacks. Show Me Staters (MIssouri for our coastal readers) know Law from his two seasons in Kansas City, the last one being an all around disappointment that got him cut. He's 34, so you have to wonder how much gas he's got left in the tank. His name has been batted around in Cleveland circles, but the Browns haven't made a move thanks to Law's pricey expectations and desire for playing time. There was some talk, early in the free agent signing period, that the Jets were interested in bringing him back and converting him to free safety, making the Rams situation more interesting given their need for depth at both corner and safety.

stay tuned, the mystery man will be revealed later today.