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Is Steven Jackson unhappy with his holdout and his agent?

I haven't heard anything more specific about the report from this weekend that Steven Jackson "may be" thinking of seeking new representation. Currently, Jackson's represented by Eugene Parker, agent to stars, who represents nine players selected for the Pro Bowl last season.

Several Parker clients are involved in contract stalemates, er, holdouts, and there's some insight into Jackson's situation from another Parker client holding out. Buffalo Bills LT Jason Peters has yet to report to the Bills camp. Peters wants a new deal restructuring the final three years of his contract and has been holding out. Like the situation between Jackson and the Rams, Peters is said to be on amicable terms with his team, even though he's not directly or officially in contact. The Bills' front office won't negotiate until Peters reports to camp, a position that should sound familiar to Rams fans.

What does that have to do with Steven Jackson? According to this report from WGRZ in Buffalo, Jackson is unhappy with his situation, not just his lack of a contract, but the damage his name is potentially encountering as the holdout drags on, and he's thinking of dumping Parker as a result. Here's the quote:

There may be a tiny crack in Parker's universe, however, with word that Rams running back Steven Jackson, currently holding out even though he has a year left on his contract, is seriously thinking of firing Parker. Jackson is unhappy that he doesn't have a new extension with the Rams, but he's now beginning to apparently realize maybe he's hurting himself more than he's helping Parker.

Anecdotally, this jives with reports that Jackson has been keeping in touch with Linehan and others inside the Rams locker room. Jackson's holdout has already cost him a year of accured eligibilty toward free agency, and could threaten what might be a career year if it drags on too much longer. That's got to upset a competitor who's already seen the Rams make a good faith offer to make him among the top paid running backs in the league. (For the record, I think Jackson deserves more than Clinton Portis though and at least even with Larry Johnson's deal).

This news adds a new wrinkle to story, and I doubt that Jackson reports to camp without the okay from his manager, Parker. It's not a stretch to assume that reporting for camp is a sticking point between Jackson and his agent, as Jackson knows the Rams want to keep the centerpiece of their offense at a fair market value. However, I can't imagine Parker relenting on that until the Rams indicate their willingness to negotiate without Jackson in camp, and Parker might like his leverage better after the result of the first preseason game. Something's got to give here.