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Bargain basement

Although it's seemed to move at a snail's pace, rookie signings have actually moved along quicker than usual according to Hashmarks. They expect signings to increase this week, as is typical after the July 4 holiday. Denver and San Diego are thought to be close to deals with their first rounders, and once a couple more first rounders get inked, the dominoes will start to fall. 

By all accounts, the Rams' first rounder Chris Long is motivated to sign and neither he or the Rams anticipate any serious distance from each other on the contract issues. 


Most of the pregame/postgame NFL shows have the same effect on me as nails on a blackboard. Is there anything worse than listening to Terry Bradshaw jabber while you try to take in a cup of coffee on Sunday morning? 

Imagine my surprise to read that Olbermann and Patrick are back together for NBC's Sunday night football games. Remember when ESPN was actually interesting to watch? That was why.

+++ has a salary cap roster challenge, where they ask experts to assemble the best team while hewing to the $116 million salary cap. Steven Jackson, with a cap cost this season of slightly more than $2 million, makes Bucky Brooks' team. 

That's a bargain to be sure and a good reminder than Jackson's going to have a new deal in place before too long. Other "bargains" on the Rams roster: I'd have to say Clifton Ryan whose cap value is just $400K. Tye Hill is one of the league's top corners; he has a cap value of $2 million too. 

I think that over the next two seasons, we'll see some really sweet deals on the roster as players taken in this year's and last year's draft emerge into NFL stars.