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Tuesday Morning Tidbits

Somewhere, I saw panic about the Rams reaching a deal with Chris Long. And I suppose to some extent I understand. Out of the top four picks from this year's draft, he's the only one who hasn't signed. Some thoughts on that.

The top overall pick, Jake Long, signed ahead of the draft, if you'll recall. Matt Ryan, the third overall pick, signed a tricked out deal to become the richest rookie in the draft class and one of the best paid QBs in the league. That complicates contract negotiations which are usually based on the order of the draft. Still, word is that Long wants to sign and will get a deal more like the other Long's than Ryan's.

And a little bit of history for you. Last year's first round pick, Adam Carriker, was the last of the Rams 2007 draft class to ink a deal. He came to terms with the Rams, a deal appropriate to his draft position, on July 27, 2007, the eve of training camp.

So don't be surprised if Long and some of the other picks aren't signed until much later in the month, in the midnight hour, relatively speaking, before camp gets under way.

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