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Rams camp report round up: 7/31

After today, the Rams will have a full week of camp under their belts. And it's been mostly a positive start to the season. There's still more than a month to go before the regular season kicks off, so I wouldn't get to settled on any of the early camp storylines just yet. Here's the camp report roundup:

  • Injuries - The most notable name to appear on the list yesterday was Drew Bennett with a knee. it doesn't sound like this will put him on the sidelines for any serious amount of time, but after dealing with a hamstring injury last season the news still induces a wince or two. 
  • More injuries - Of the 13 players not on the field due to injury yesterday, only two guys sit on the bubble of making the final roster: CB David Macklin and LB Vince Hall, both nursing sore hamstrings. However, both those guys play at positions where the Rams need depth. Macklin may get pushed out if reports of '08 draft pick Justin King and '07 draftee Jonathan Wade beating expectations prove to be true as camp moves on. Vince Hall, an undrafted rookie out of VaTech, earned some praise from the PD's Bill Coats on Monday. Hall could end up being a real find. Scouts, Inc. projected him for the 2rd or 4th round in the draft this season. His strengths are geared toward the running game and the Rams list him as a MLB on the depth chart, but his size and speed could hurt him on the NFL playing field. Once his hammy feels better and he can get some action in the preseason games, we'll know more. 
  • John Greco, turned heads filling in for Setterstrom at RG with the first team yesterday. We've talked about Greco being a fit at guard thanks to his elite lower body strength and ability to open lanes with it. 
  • Defense - Maybe it's just me or maybe it's just the way it's been reported or just the more complex plays the offense has to learn and run, but the defense has been the darling of camp thus far. Names of players on that side of the ball looking nails in practice surface everyday. It's early, but I like hearing this.

Back at you soon.