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OTA: unretired

What's an OTA you ask, why it's an "Off Topic Activity," i.e. something not immediately related to the Rams.

Why violate the sacred covenant of TST, a Rams blog, you ask? To jump in with our $.02 on the Brett Favre thing of course.

I always liked Brett Favre; it was hard not to. He played with class and more importantly he played at an elite level and with a distinct style and approach that puts his name among not only the game's elite talents but as a player who changed the game, one who helped shaped how it's played and how we view it. 

That said, I think he ought to find another outlet for his passion for the game. Oh sure, I understand. When something's consumed almost evry aspect or your being for the last 16 years (more with college, etc.) walking away from it is terrifying because it's just so damn hard to imagine your life without it.

But if Favre comes back now, at 39, he risks tarnishing that legacy. He had a great season last year, but  the two season's prior to that his INT% was higher than his TD%. Sure, that had a lot to do with his supporting cast, but 4,000 seasons aren't common for 39-year-old QBs. To find a team with the personnel to help him to another Favre-like season he'd have to be a backup. The Brett Favre legend starts with him as a backup; ending it as a backup takes something away, exposing his vulnerability, his pedestrian humanness. Leave us with the legend, that's how fans, this fan at any rate, wants to remember Brett Favre.