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Book your trip now for TST fantasy camp

Don't forget to get signed up for the Turf Show Times fantasy football league over at Here's the direct link to the league where you can sign up.

Things to know about this year's Turf Show Times fantasy football league:

  • It's free, free, FREE!
  • The password to sign up is: Linehan
  • 12 teams, head-to-head format.
  • Competitive league with plenty of opportunity for trash talking, name calling and all kinds of other less-than-desirable behavior acceptable only in fantasy football.
  • Draft date to be determined once the league fills up.
  • There will be prizes for the top three finishers, probably nothing to plan your retirement around, but sure to hold lots and lots of kitsch value.

So there it is. What more reason do you need? What's stopping you? Go sign up.