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Rams camp report roundup: July 28

Bill Coats at the PD has the early edition of his day 4 camp notes up.

I'd be lying if I told you the injuries didn't bother me at all. After last year's dashed hopes and expectations, the mere mention of the word "injury" makes my knees buckle and my heart rate jump. Fortunately, none of the injuries seem to be of the kind that would keep starters like Fakhir Brown or key cogs like Victor Andeyanju out of action for the regular season or even all of the preseason.

That Coats reports second year CB Jonathan Wade displayed improved skills and a better handle on the game provides some good news, especially if Brown has any recurrences of that injury during the season. Makes it less likely we'll see the back of the depth chart starting games.

In Rams head writer Nick Wagoner's report from Sunday at camp, he noted 7th round pick Chris Chamberlain turning some heads with an INT. It's been said here and elsewhere before, Chamberlain has the chops to play safety, and that could be a nice boost to the Rams depth in the defensive backfield, an area where the team's already acknowledged the need for additional depth. According to Wagoner's report today, 2008 draftee Justin King appears to be further along than Wade was last season.

John Greco has instantly given the Rams quality depth at guard, but I must admit to being a little disappointed that he's not ready to play tackle yet. Still, that helps the o-line depth chart by allowing the Rams to move Incognito to tackle if they have to.

Finally, Chris Long showed his dedication on some special teams drills rushing the kicker.