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Camp story I'd like to see: Alex Barron emerges

...and people in Hell want ice water.

No seriously, one of the key position battles at the Rams camp this season is more of an existential struggle than anything else: Alex Barron's battle with himself. We know what Barron has done the last three seasons on the o-line; he's been an adequate starting right tackle and a slightly below average fill-in at left tackle. The real tragedy is that we know Barron should be capable of playing at a higher level, maybe the dreams of elite status bandied about while still fresh from the first round, but we'd like to see the man once billed as Orlando Pace's understudy at least grow into an above average player.

Now, how does this qualify as a position battle? If Barron shows us all he can play at a higher level, high enough so that if he should have to (God forbid) step in for Pace at all, that gives the Rams Incognito or Greco to plug in at RT and still have an o-line that allows Bulger et al to move the ball as needed.