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And we're off

  Well, training camp has begun...which means 3k forgot something: the defensive preview.  I'll try to get that out today or tomorrow.  Here's an early rundown of what's going down in camp.  (heavy Dispatch influence...beware)

- VanRam hit the Dispatch's Jim Thomas' first piece on the Steven Jackson saga here, but Thomas later offered a deeper piece here.  Of note, not only is SJ not at camp, but neither is Donnie Avery...

Linehan wasn't as understanding when it came to Avery.

"It would serve him good to get in here," Linehan said.

  Get 'im, coach.

 - The Dispatch's Bryan Burwell is involved in an epic battle of journlistic debate.  In discussing SJ's holdout, he posits a defense of SJ.  You can find it here.  Unfortunately for Burwell, nearly as soon as he published that article, he was rebutted by his longtime foe....himself.  Read and be confused here.  In short, Jackson should hold out as long as possible because the league screws over players.  But, now he should show up and get to work.  I love stuff like this.

 - Bill Coats rolls through some notes from the first day here.  To sum it up, Keenan Burton looked good, Orlando Pace looked healthy, and Fakhir Brown and Victor Adeyanju suffered small injuries: a strained shoulder and tight hamstring, respectively.  Nothing to worry about, to be fair.

 - Mike Sando taps into Dante Hall's desire to be a part of the offense and not just special teams here.

So glad to have camp moving along.  I'll try to get the defensive training camp spotlight up soon.