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Au revoir Rob Petitti

The firs cut is the deepest...or something like that. Anyway, the Rams parted ways with TE/FB hybrid and former MU player Dedrick Harrington, as well as P Sean Douglas, and CB Justin McKinney. WR Eric Fowler was also let go, as predicted on Friday. OT Rob Petitti, pressed into starting duty as a street free agent during last year's rash of injuries, was cut too. Petitti's recovering from a torn Achilles tendon, so he was out of the picture this season. However, I suspect he'll be back in the league after he recovers. We mentioned him before, earlier in the summer, as a lineman, who's still under 30, and capable of being a decent backup. That was the role that got him attention in the league in the first place, filling in for injured starters with the Cowboys in his rookie season, playing next to Flozell Adams in 2005 until Adams went down leaving Petitti exposed.

Apparently operating under the belief that you can never have too many potential blocking specialists, the Rams signed former Steelers FB Dan Kreider, whom they invited to camp earlier this month. Kreider bulldozed running lanes for Willie Parker until tearing his ACL 10 games into the 2007 season.

Stay tuned for the TST camp battles run down tomorrow.