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Not welcome here

What Rams fan can forget a stadium full of Packers fans or Bears fans or Steelers fans booing the home team and making Steven Jackson cry last season?

Jackson's point - that it sucks to get jeered at on your home turf (not to mention the shitty music choices) - is a valid one. However, anyone can buy tickets and with a team that surprised everyone by NOT going winless, fans just didn't have much reason to spend money for a Rams game.

You and I, we know the Rams should be better this season, but they'll still have a hard time filling the house. An Ed Jones Dome filled with lousy opposing fans might well be another feature this season. One way of taking the air out of that is for the Rams to win games, people won't travel to St. Louis to see their team lose or at least they won't have a very good time.

But is there another way to keep opposing fans away? Turns out, there just might be. The Cardinals - oh the irony - have cooked up a scheme to keep Cowboys fans, the worst of the lot, away by not offering individual tickets to the Cardinals' home game against the 'Boys. Under their plan, the only way to get a ticket to that game is to buy one for an exhibition game against the Saints too.

With home games against Dallas and Chicago this season, the Dome could again see it's fair share of enemy sell outs. A plan like this might keep people away. Unfortunately, it might keep Rams fans away too, and asking people to buy tickets to two games as grocery bills triple, and gas reaches to $4 a gallon might be even less popular than listen to boo birds with big blue stars on their chests.