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Rams healthy and ready to go

Just four days. Friday morning, as you stumble out of bed and don your Hawaiian shirt for another casual Friday the Rams start doing what we've been waiting for them to do since February: play (or at least practice) football.

As good as it felt to read they reached a deal with Chris Long this week, reading that key players like Carriker and Little are healthy and ready to go was just as refreshing. Only Pace - probably the one player whose absence can't be compensated for by shifting personnel around - figures to be wearing street clothes when things get underway Friday morning. The good news, though, is that he is healthy, the Rams are just being cautious. And they should be. Be as cautious as needed. With his experience there's no need for Pace to go through every last drill in training camp, just get his legs in game shape and give him some contact work to get ready. With Linehan's stated desire to play the starters more in preseason games this year, Pace will get his work in before the season starts. 

Back at you later.