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Add a guard to make a tackle?

Missing out on Barry Sims didn't exactly qualify as missing the opportunity of a lifetime, after all, Sims is essentially an Alex Barron clone, right down to the penalties, except for having more starting expereince. Still, as we've talked about here before, the Rams could still use some depth at offensive tackle.

Bringing on another guard/center candidate and allowing the Rams to install Incognito at OT, if the injury bug bites, gives the Rams one route around that problem. The reason I mention this is because former Saints center and Browns free agent bust, LeCharles Bentley is reportedly healthy and looking for work. He would reportedly prefer to play gaurd too. Bentley has been out since 2005 with knee surgeries and staph infection (ewww), which means his market value sits right around what the Rams paid for the services of the street free agents who rounded out the o-line last season.

The key here is Richie Incognito, who the Rams, right now, envision as their starting center for 2008. If he doesn't start at C, he's a good bet to start at RG. Thus, in case of injury at OT, Incognito could replace an injured OT and Bentley could replace Cogs in the middle.

Either way, there's not much happening right now on the free agent front. Personnel staff not vacationing ahead fo camp is scrambling to get rookie deals done in time for camp, which starts next Friday.

Speaking of camp and the O-line, I'm anxious to see what draftees John Greco and Roy Schuening can do in their rookie season. Based on the scouting reports, either one is a sure bet to step in and play guard at the NFL level in their rookie season. The question is how ready is Greco to play OT at the NFL level?