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Jags for sale?

Maybe we don't need to be worried about the Ed Jones Dome not making the top quarter of league facilities after all. The new Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis sprang some leaks yesterday when thunderstroms rolled through, impacting the data center, of all places.

Ok, maybe not. But, that stipulation in the lease and the 2015 deadline will keep a new stadium at the forefront of any and all discussions about keeping the Rams in St. Louis.

For now though, another team's fans are going to have to deal with sale speculation and the promise/threat of moving to Los Angeles. Jacksonville Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver, as you may have heard by now, is reportedly involved in talks to sell the team to New Jersey based businessman C. Dean Metropoulos. That news has invoked whispers of an eventual west coast move.

Any move would be further down the road, and the Los Angeles area doesn't really have a venue for an NFL team...yet. There's the expected back and forth from the involved parties, the carefully worded nondenial denials, etc. According to the reporting at sister site, Big Cat Country, credible sources are confirming the story, the purchase part at least, the move part is still heavy speculation.

It's nice to see the Rams not named in a "for sale/moving" story, but I feel for the Jacksonville fans. Eventually, these sort of stories ARE going to start circulating about the Rams.

UPDATE: Apparently they aren't selling the Jags, but I can't imagine the rumors will die down that much anyway. I'll be interested to see if this Metropoulos guy takes an interest in the Rams since he's been interested in becoming an NFL owner for some time now.