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Rams to pick up Gradkowski?

The NFL network is reporting that the Rams may try to pick up Tampa Bay QB Bruce Gradkowski, who was placed on waivers last Friday. 

Gradkowski was once Bucs' coach Jon Gruden's pet project, and he recently admitted that he made a mistake sticking with him in the 2006 season before handing it over to QB Tim Rattay. Huge vote of confidence in the kid there. At 25, it's not unreasonable to think Gradkowski might still have some upside left. A rookie no more, he just might have something to prove, and the Rams could use a younger QB with the graying Trent Green as their primary backup.

Is he a better fit than Brock Berlin though?

Now, let's use some caution on this. That report has not been confirmed. We do know that the Rams eyeing one of Tampa Bay's QBs has been mentioned several times throughout the offseason, and remember too that on Monday there was some informed speculation that the Bucs would look to trade QB Chris Simms before the season began.