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Tuesday Morning Tidbits: Rams in a minor key

With the expectation that he'll be blocking more this year, the Rams have asked FB Brian Leonard to bulk up in the offseason, an offseason that also included "clean up" surgery on both shoulders to remove scar tissue. Leonard reported to OTAs weighing 234 pounds, about 10 lbs more than his listed weight as a rookie last season. The Rams apparently would also like him to add some more weight to his frame to figure him more prominently in the blocking. Don't rule out some goal line carries for Leonard either.

Now, for the sake of comparison, former Rams FB and part of the Giants' Super Bowl team this season, Madison Hedgecock weighs 266 lbs. Hedgecock is 6'3" making it easier to carry 266 lbs. At 6'1", Leonard's not likely to approach that weight level, and, really, doesn't need to become a clone of the Abrams tank-like prototypical lead blocker as Al Saunders' offense uses more of a H-back.

Talk about full circle... Rams OT Rob Petitti, who  tore his Achilles tendon during the offseason, assumed an everyday role last season when the Rams signed him in late October to fill in for their decimated o-line. Drafted by none other than Bill Parcels in the seventh round in 2005, Petitti's an intriguing guy to have on the depth chart. Sure, the Rams o-line was nothing special last season, but we never really got a good feel for individuals since the whole line was eaten up with injuries. Check out what the Dallas Morning News said about Petitti recently :

Started every game as a rookie. He was doing fine until Flozell Adams was lost for the year and the Cowboys had to take away some of the help he was receiving. He was cut in training camp a year later with Marc Colombo winning the job.

Kind of similar to what happened in St. Louis last season. Petitti is a guy that's probably worth hanging on to based on that potential. He's probably not ever going to be a legit starter, but he could be a lot more than a name on the depth chart. Better depth, as you know, reduces the chances of an injury or two sinking your entire season.