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Colonic mouth

If you're looking for something to get bent out of shape about, then I guess you could focus on this comment from Steven Jackson's interview with Yahoo sports' Michael Silver:

You've got to love those Rams fans who showed their loyalty by selling their tickets to Packers and Steelers fans, so half the people in the stadium were rooting against us. It was like playing road games. We ran out of the tunnel and got booed. It was ridiculous. I was livid. In St. Louis, it's one of two things. They either love me or they (expletive) hate me. I'm not a diva, but if I'm pissed, (the Rams' PR staff) won't let me talk, 'cause they're scared of what might come out of my mouth.

My blood stayed at a relatively normal temp when I read that. Hard to blame fans for not finding something better to do with their Sunday afternoons late in a 3 win season. Skipping a game doesn't make you a fair weather fan, does it? And there's nobody to blame but the free market for opponent fans getting tickets to the Rams home games. I suspect that won't be a problem this year because a) the Rams should be a better team and b) at $4+ per gallon, nobody's driving in from Wisconsin or Chicago to see a game, no matter how cheap the tickets are.

On the other hand, I can understand SJ's point. Getting booed at home sucks.

As Jackson points out earlier in the interview, and as if we needed any further reminder, this is big year for the future of the Rams.

I will respectively disagree with SJ on his point about receivers blocking. With a gimpy knee and a few years of wins riding on his ability to catch passes, Torry Holt slamming into a hulking DE. Same with Bruce. And with the Rams constantly playing from behind last season, the receivers had more pressing matters than run blocking.

The colonic has to be good for at least another 250 yards, huh?