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Monday Morning Rams Notes

When the Rams opted not to draft a QB this season or even pick one up as a rookie FA, there was some speculation that they might look to add one some time before the season started, someone with some upside. Tampa Bay was cited as one potential trading partner, having six QBs on their roster. Well, now the Bucs only have five after releasing Bruce Gradkowski Friday. Hashmarks says that the Bucs will trade Chris Simms before the season starts. 

Hashmarks also has an injury update on Orlando Pace, reporting that he's well rested and in great shape and will be ready to roll come training camp. Also of note in that report:

If Pace, Richie Incognito and Mark Setterstrom all get healthy, the Rams could be a huge offensive turnaround story in '08.

I'm certainly ready for an offensive turnaround story in '08.

Chris Long is adjusting. He also tells the PD in that article that he expects to be signed and in training camp this summer. 

Ramblings wonders if Chris Long might be an option at MLB too.

Be sure to voice your opinion on the upcoming "K-dicitions"  ahead of the games this season. 

And if you haven't offered a prediction in the Long versus Dorsey sweepstakes, what are you waiting for, constant harassment from Chiefs fans?