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Rams on Sims' list

The Rams are one of four teams being considered by free agent OT Barry Sims. The other three are the 49ers, Ravens and the Patriots. 

According to the Hashmarks post linked above, Sims established a set of criteria for signing with a new team, namely a chance to start and a chance to play in the post season, along with the right deal.

With the Rams, a starting job depends on how improved Alex Barron is. Linehan and the Rams brass has said several times that they intend to push Barron with healthy competition for his starting job, and we assumed that 3rd round draft pick John Greco would do the pushing. An experienced guy like Sims - he's 33 - would make that competition even stiffer.

Whether he starts or not, quality o-line depth is always welcome, like money, you can never have enough.