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Odds are...

A week one tilt against the Eagles in Philly is no lay up. And I suspect few pundits will give them a chance to win their season opener.

But there's a glimmer of hope, not from the experts who diagram Xs and Os for a living, but from the people who take bets on the games. As things stand right now, the Rams are a 7 point underdog in the season opener. 

But dig this, Philly is terrible against the spread at home, 5-14 in their last 19 games as home favorites. Add to that, whispers that McNabb's already hurt and St. Louis much improved pass rush, and the tea leaves start to reveal several glimmers of hope for the Rams. And let's not forget that Philadelphia is chronically disappointing, underwhelming expectations year in and year out. 

If the Rams can get a win in Philly, the season's instantly got some legs to stand on. They'll need it because from their its the champion NY GIants in St. Louis followed by a trip to Seattle, a rough stretch by any measure.