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Around the Horns: Friday, June 13

Friday the 13th. After last season, I feel like I should be waiting for injury news to arrive any moment on an otherwise unnotable Friday. But, like some drugged out repressed 50s housewife, I choose to focus on the positive.

Om, the Rams will win. Om, the Rams will win.

  • OT John Greco, the Rams 3rd round choice in this year's draft, signed a three year deal with the Rams. Schuening signed a 3 year deal too; the Rams traditionally give their later round picks 3 year deals.
  • OTAs are over, and the Rams won't meet again until training camp begins on July 24. They'll be in Wisconsin. 
  • Pro Bowl center LeCharles Bentley, who was recently granted his release from the Browns, has several teams calling about his services. No word on who those teams are. As jroman pointed out in the comments the other day, he'd be a nice addition in St. Louis, but he's looking for a starting gig and would have to compete with Romberg and Incognito here. Two years ago, he'd have been a shoe in, but he hasn't played for two seasons so you have to wonder how realistic his chances would be with the Rams.  Still, it's hard to watch a former Pro Bowl lineman get away.
  • Barry Sims is in town  for a visit today.
  • Ross Tucker at takes a look at "players on the hot seat" this season for each team, nominating La'Roi Glover and Claude Wroten for the Rams, citing the Rams decision to pass on Glenn Dorsey in the draft. Ahh, the ghost of Dorsey draft hype. (speaking of...) He is right about Wroten, but I'd have to add Alex Barron to that list. Who else?

Back with the Friday Fantasy tipsheet later.