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Attitudes are healthy too

Leonard Little, the left defensive end, has made a strong recovery from toe surgery and is flashing signs of his old form.

(From today's PD )

Man is that good news. If you haven't read it yet, be sure to read the PD's story today. This is a team possessed, intenty focused on a mission. We can't know much about the 2008 Rams from the occasional news leaks out of OTAs or random reports in popping into the papers every now and again. I guess that's what makes this kind of thing so pleasing to ears.

Granted, right now, hungry for football's return, I'm highly susceptible to hype and spin, as you might have noticed here. Spin or not, though, a good season has to start somewhere, and that's usually the hearts and minds of the players themselves. Combine that with the good news about recovering players and, knock on wood, a lack of injuries so far, and no contract disputes to speak of, and the 2008 so far, looks good.

The article's money quote and understatement of the summer comes from Linehan:

I'm very fortunate to be here talking about the 2008 season.

  • I'd still like to round out the Chris Long versus Glenn Dorsey community projections with a few more guesses. 
  • Our division rivals in Seattle are having to use some mix ups for their o-line as players deal with injuries. That the 34-year-old LT Walter Jones isn't 100% doesn't bode well for the Seahawks.