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Rams sign Schuening

[horns play the royal announcement]

The Rams signed the first of their 2008 draft picks. Yesterday, guard Roy Schuening, a fifth round pick out of Oregon State, reached a contract agreement with the Rams. Details have yet to be announced.

I'm excited to see what Schuening has. By all accounts this pick was steal, given his ability to block well in tight quarters and a killer attitude. He played tackle his senior season at OSU, but he's all guard in the NFL.

Here's the Sports Illustrated analysis:

Schuening has been an outstanding player on the college level and he projects well to the NFL. He's a hard-working lineman who does the little things well and understands his position. He may never develop into a Pro Bowl player, yet he could have a long and prosperous professional career as a starter.

According to Rams personnel guru Billy Devaney, they had him rated as a 2nd or 3rd round talent.

Is Schuening this year's fifth round surprise, a la Clifton Ryan?