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Friday Fantasy Tipsheet: Randy McMichael

What, you're not thinking about fantasy football yet? It's almost June, no tme like the present, huh?

This week's inaugural edition of what I intend to make a regular feature in during the season is all about Randy McMichael.

Quick, what to Chris Cooley and Tony Gonzalez have in common? They're both tight ends who became fantasy studs under offensive coordinator Al Saunders. In case you've been holed up in your very own undisclosed location, you know that Al Saunders is now the Rams offensive coordinator.

As your draft snakes around and the rush on tight ends gets underway, hold off. Use that pick to take a extra running back or whoever the best player available at that point is, and draft McMichael a round or two later. Saunders' playbook uses a tight end to catch a lot of balls just beyond the action at the line of scrimmage as opposing defenses stack the box anticipating a Steven Jackson run.

Don't be surprised to see numbers similar to a #2 wide receiver, which is essentiall what Saunders uses his TE as, for Randy McMichael. After a disappointing first season in St. Louis, McMichael knew what was in store as soon as he heard the news about Saunders coming on board. He's ready and the Rams will need him to be as questions about Drew Bennett linger and rookies Donnie Avery and Keenan Burton get used to the NFL game.