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More Chris Long v. Dorsey

MSNBC asks the question: "Which Rookie will be best in 2008? " In their analysis, the rank Dorsey at #2 and Chris Long at #6. Here's what they said about Long:

His skills in the mental game -- setting up offensive linemen for huge plays at key portions of the game -- should serve him well.

Long and Dorsey will both have similar roles in taking offensive linemen out of the play for other pass rushers; Chiefs DE Hali for Dorsey and Little for Long. While Long grapples with left tackles, Dorsey will draw double teams in the middle, giving the sack masters on the field with them the chance to do what they do.

Be sure to go vote in the MSNBC poll for which rookie will have the biggest impact in '08, and after that, be sure to make your very own prediction for the highly touted Show Me State duo.