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Character cash

Yeah, nothing quite as exciting as talking about player (and fan) conduct, but it's worth pointing out that the league adopted a policy that fines teams for players suspended for disciplinary reasons. The character theme tied together the Rams draft picks this year, something we all commented upon. Obviously, after experiences with malcontents like Terrell, Byrd, etc. the team gets more out of the players on the field, both practice and game fields. But, given the league's heavier emphasis on player conduct drafting "character" players makes even more sense, saving the Rams off-field embarrassment as well as cash money.

Now, we'll see exactly how committed Goodell is to player conduct and character if he reinstates Pacman Jones


I don't know that the Rams really need any more players recovering from an injury, but bringing in the just released Vikings DE Erasmus James  at a rock bottom price is awfully tempting. He failed his physical with the Vikings and there's not much in the way of details as to how bad off his knee is. He's 25 and a bit of a head case, but it sure would be worth the team doctors kicking his tires, so to speak, ahead of training camp.


Scouting report on Rams 4th round pick, WR Keenan Burton coming on Monday. And the Leonard Little projection leads off our return to work on Tuesday. Make your projection for LL  if you haven't yet.