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Drunken tirades at EJD to be limited

So much for profanity laced tirades directed toward the refs, opposing quarterbacks, T.O., etc. at football games. The league's set to unveil a fan conduct policy ahead of the 2008 season in order to crack down on the rowdy fans. 

Try to remember that next time you plan on slamming eight Miller Lights two hours before kick off...or opt shoot up a strip club in leu of tailgating. 

Details on the policy itself are unknown, but it should fit nicely into Goodell's league-wide conduct crusade. As you can see in the article, watchdogging fan conduct will not include any further restrictions on alcohol sales at games. Nobody willingly bites the hand that feeds. So I guess they just mandate that teams, through their contract with stadium operators, put more demands on the ushers to give das boot to shirtless dolts who insist on questioning a ref's maternal relationship. Which, they probably should be doing anyway, no? I'm still struggling to see how exactly the league's policy will enforce something that should already be enforced as it is. 

Now, the real question for Rams fans, will the stadium conduct policy mandate better music selection for the PA system? We can only hope.

I'd still like to get a few more predictions for Leonard Little, before compiling them to get our TST community projection. So if you haven't voted, here's the link .