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Are the Rams for sale? or worse, moving?

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Here we go again.

The rumors say the Rams are for sale , but the PD is now quoting a statement from Chip Rosenbloom, the Rams owner, stating that the team is not moving.

In his statement Rosenbloom doesn't explicitly deny that the team is for sale, only that they have no intention of moving the team from St. Louis. The two don't necessarily go hand-in-hand, and when DeBartolo, the source cited directly in Silver's Yahoo! report, says " what the deal might entail" the team's location could be a key issue. The team's lease with the Ed Jones Dome doesn't make it easy for the Rams to pack up and leave town anytime too soon either.

As this topic starts to swirl, stay aware of the "for sale" versus "moving."

While I tend to doubt the validity of the rumor, it's not going to matter much in a few years if the CBA isn't resolved in such a way as to maintain validity and profitability of small market teams, because only a fool would keep the team in St. Louis over Los Angeles in that economic climate.