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What's wrong with being 32?

I thought Kansas FB Brandon McAnderson might have a shot to stick on the roster, his 5'10" 240 lbs body filling a role in goal line situations and as a lead blocker. Guess that's why I'm not a scout. The Rams cut him this week. Richard Owens and a bulked up Brian Leonard will fill some of the need at FB and special teams.

We've discussed the role of the full backs plenty, and the Rams, like most other teams, don't necessarily need the traditional power lead blocks from an FB bursting though a tightly positioned offensive line and opening up a hole for the half back to the extent that those power plays used to be used in the game. However, those kind fo plays could be making a comeback according to Larry Kirwan.

Here's a prediction for the NFC West , from SBN brother site Field Gulls. Morgan's got the Rams third with a 6-10 record, the Seahawks first, natch', and the Cardinals in second. He based his prediction on the availability of Orlando Pace, which I think is a valid concern. Pace probably doesn't have another three full seasons in his 32-year-old body (hard to type that as a 32-year-old myself), but let's not write his euology just yet. In a pretzel logic sort of way, I think the last two years off, with a should and a triceps injury, has probably saved his legs a little bit and could put a little extra gas in the tank this season. Look no further than Seattle's LT Walter Jones, 34, for proof that old timers can still play on the line. And say, at 34 there's as much reason to wonder if Jones can make it through a full season himself.

That's why they call them predictions though.

Ok, it's gonna be slim pickens for NFL fans over the next month or so. To occupy ourselves and give St. Louisians a break from crucifying the Cardinals' Jason Isringhausen, we'll start a nice little community project next week. We'll also size up the Arizona Cardinals.