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Steven Jackson - fantasy update

I know it's a little early for fantasy football talk, but when I saw this my blood started to boil just a bit.

7. Steven Jackson RB, STL - Not nearly the back we thought he was.

Whatever. I wouldn't read too much into Steven Jackson's performance last season. As Rams fans are well aware, the offensive line had all the consistency of wet toilet paper, and it wasn't just the passing game that suffered. What was a consistent attack up the middle in 2006 (4.77 Adjusted Line Yards, 2nd best in the league) was an exercise in futility last season (4.08 ALY, 18th in the league). To make matters worse, runs through the tackles and ends were both among the worst in the league last year, after success the season before. Add into the mix the fact that the passing game was mostly a wash - which hurt the offensive balance and Jackson's usual lofty receiving totals - and you understand why Steven Jackson wasn't a fantasy stud in 2007.

Hey, if people avoid Jackson in your fantasy draft, all the better for you.