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Justin King is fast, fast, fast

First of all, I want to welcome any Rams fans stumbling upon this site for the first time. We've got a pretty diverse and growing community of fans here, and it's by far the place on the web to talk Rams football. Or maybe you just don't like the Seahawks, either way, you're welcome here.

Whether you're a new user or one of the first, if you have any trouble with the new platform, please just shoot me an email and let me know so I can get it fixed. Just click on my user name. Ok, back to football. Want to see former Penn State CB Justin King's, the Rams 4th round draft pick, elite speed? Watch him catch up to Rashard Mendenhall, RB Illinois, and bring him down from behind. Mendenhall was picked by the Steelers in the first round, with the 23rd overall pick. Right now, he seems to be the pick that most agree could end up a bust for the Rams. Maybe it's just the irrational exuberance from the draft hangover, but this King kid could turn out to be pretty impressive.