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Rams draft Chris Long

Update [2008-4-26 15:41:6 by VanRam]:The Chris Long pick also helps assure that the Rams will exorcize the ghosts of past first rounds like Jimmy Kennedy and Alex Barron. In other words, Long's safe. That's not meant to carry a negative connotation either. It'll be awfully hard to say the Rams fumbled this pick down the road, even if Gholston or Dorsey turn into better players. Chris Long will become the face of this defense and the team as the years go by.

Update [2008-4-26 15:41:6 by VanRam]:The Saints have offered KC their first and second round picks this year AND first round pick next year. That would have been a nice deal for the Rams, but we're not rebuilding. With Bulger and Pace and Holt, and those marquee guys in their prime, the Rams have to win games this year. There's also some other jobs that depend on it.

Update [2008-4-26 15:41:6 by VanRam]:This is smart too because having another DE of Long's caliber, the Rams can rest Leonard Little some more, preserving his 34-year-old legs and staying a speedy rushing threat for the Rams. We've now got Little, Long, James Hall, Adeyanju and Eric Moore at DEs. Also, Long's the kind of guy that will be come a leader of this team in the future, and our defense needed that with SS Corey Chavous days limited now too.

Update [2008-4-26 15:13:24 by VanRam]:Rams take Chris Long. Good move. The needed a DE more than a DT. They have more depth at DT by leaving Carriker at DT. Long gives them a DE that can play in 4-3 or 3-4. Smart move. This is Haslett's kind of guy.

The Rams defense is instantly better. Think about it, the draft pundits all felt like maybe Chris Long didn't have the highest ceiling, but he's the guy in this draft (other than maybe Jake Long) that they all felt could step in and contribute right away. Smart pick; did I say that already?

Update [2008-4-26 15:3:49 by VanRam]:The Dolphins took Jake Long...who knew.

Rams and Ravens talks are a no go, per the NFL network. Says it was a tactic to get Falcons in line.

Raiders might be interested in the #2 to get either Chris Long or Ryan.

Lots of draft coverage at Mocking the Draft.


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