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Rams (still) considering Dorsey and Chris Long

Guess what. Nothing's changed in with the Rams draft picture since yesterday. No trades. No pronouncement that the Rams will draft Dorsey or that the Rams will draft Chris Long.

The latest from the Post-Dispatch essentially confirms the report from Pro Football Weekly we discussed on Wednesday: the Rams draft brain trust is a little more divided on whether to make  their draft pick Dorsey or Long than reported early Thursday. Although, the PFW report seems to play up the "divided" angle with a little more dramatic flair than is probably justified.

Right now, the Rams may well have Dorsey atop their draft board, but that decision is obviously not set in stone given the reported debate. They aren't the only team with Dorsey in the top slot on their draft board either.

The final mock draft at Hashmarks has the Rams settling on Chris Long. It's not without logic either.

St. Louis DE Chris Long, Virginia: There are people in the organization who will fighting for Glenn Dorsey until the very last moment, but Long will be the pick. Jake Long might be the safest pick, but Long will have more of an immediate impact. I think he'll eventually be a perennial Pro Bowl player, and that's why he'll make close to $30 million guaranteed.

If there's one issue that does seriously impact the Rams' draft decisions - or should anyway - it's immediate impact a player can have. As you may well recall, the Rams weren't very good last season, unless you have some fetish for the number three. Linehan's coaching for his career this season, and the entire organization will feel some pressure to win games and up ticket sales after some major offseason moves in the front office and on the coaching staff.

Now, judging whether or not Dorsey or Long represents the proverbial cavalry is tough. I tend to think that since Dorsey would force position adjustments on the d-line that might account for some adjustment time, but that could be a red herring too. An injury to Little or Hall would leave the Rams perilously thin at DE. Either way, the Rams decision makers are right to examine if one player or the other might add even a single win to their season total. That could be the difference in working in the NFL or DII for some at Rams Park.

Stay tuned.