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What would a possible Rams Saints swap look like?

Update [2008-4-25 15:37:16 by VanRam]:Here's an FYI on the Saints/Rams trade rumor. It's ProFootball Talk's post on the matter from this morning. They're presuming that the Saints actually offered the Rams Jamaal Brown and the #10 pick for the Rams #2 spot. Brown's a Pro Bowl left tackle, under contract through 2011. I certainly couldn't fault the Rams for making that move; getting their OL need met with a young, ProBowler AND still have a top ten pick. I wonder if the Saints have actually made that offer, or that was a Rams counter offer or just plain trade speculation.

I spoke with "Saintsational" (aka Dave) at the NO Saints blog Canal Street Chronicles about what exactly trade up to the Rams #2 spot might consist of, since he's likely to have a better gauge on Saints talk than me. Here's what he said:

From everything I have heard it would be our first AND second round picks this year PLUS something more because those two alone still don't make up the difference. Most likely a pick in next years draft.

Moving down to the tenth spot in the first round surely represents the biggest hang up for the Rams. Drafting 10th overall, the Rams could get an o-lineman like Brandon Albert (who would instantly upgrade the RG position, and does anyone remember how awful the o-line was last season?), Otah, or Williams, OR they could get DT Sedrick Ellis OR even Florida DE Derrick Harvey, who would fit well into Haslett's schemes. 10th isn't the worst spot in the world, but it doesn't come with the sexy names the #2 spot does. Don't forget about the cap space the 10th pick would save the Rams over the #2 pick, John Shaw surely won't. With a new contract for Steven Jackson and Atogwe looming, cap space matters.

Having another second round pick, the Saints have an early 2nd rounder with the 40th pick, would be a great way for the team to add quality depth, think nabbing a WR as well as an OL or DL, whichever position they don't fill in the first round.

As far as New Orleans adding a player in any such trade, Canal Street cites a rumor that they're shopping LT Jamaal Brown, which is intriguing to hear as the Rams need help on the line. However, I don't know how much sense it would make to trade their starting LT for a DT in the draft, but I'm not intimately familiar with the situation in New Orleans. Third year strong safety Roman Harper also gets mentioned in trade rumors, and meets another need for the Rams. Both of those players have been mentioned in the Shockey trade talk. Obviously, any trade involving those players would alter what the trade would fetch in terms of draft picks.

Please, take any and all trade rumors with a grain of salt. Still, they're worth talking about.