Trade Breakdowns

As all of you know, Jake Long swims with the Phishes.  And that's a good thing.  Now we are left with the proverbial #1 spot.  Besides drafting C. Long, Dorsey, or Gholson. I think all 3 would be more than satisfactory if we stayed put and just fired away.  However... we have a chance to possibly get any one of these three and STILL accumulate great quantity and value on the ole draft board.  
                                                      It's time to look at trade partners. (Let's keep in mind that we are using the standard "draft value guide" that almost every organization incorporates when it comes to evaluating a possible transaction.)

As I look at trades that involve nothing but picks, only two teams stand out:  Atl. and K.C.

In terms of pure numbers matching up, Atl. would have to trade #3 and #48 to get our pick.

K.C. would have to trade #5, #35, and #66 to get there.

Oak., NYJets, and N.O. could trade their entire drafts and still not match up.  This leads me to think of some roster players that would make it work.

Oak:  #4, #104, and Fabian Washington CB (or) #4 and Derrick Burgess DE

NYJets: #6, #36, and Shaun Ellis DE    or
        #6, and Kerry Rhodes S         or
        #6, #67 and Justin Miller CB or DeWayne Robertson DT

N.O.    #10 and Will Smith DE
        #10 and Charles Grant DE
        #10, #40, and Robert Meacham WR

Logic abided, these seem to the choices we face.  If I had my pick.  I would do business with ATL. and get #3 and #48 or I would do business with N.O. and get #10 and Will Smith DE.  What do you think?