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Jake Long now off the Rams board

Well, that takes care of that. The Dolphins and Jake Long have agreed to a five year, $57.5 million contract, with $30 million guaranteed. (More on the Long scoop at the Phinsider.)

This means, besides the fact that the Rams are on the clock, and our choices for the #2 pick seem most likely to be Chris Long, Glenn Dorsey or Vernon Gholston.

Gholston would still be my choice, and I'd think the Rams will have to think about looking for an OT in the second round to address a key need.

If the conventional wisdom is to be believed, they'll probably take Dorsey at #2, unless the trade offers just become too much to say no to. That's great too. However, as I've said before, I think the Rams need a stud DE more than they need a stud least in the first round. But it's still too soon to predict with any accuracy whether they'll go with Dorsey or Gholston or Long. Any of those players instantly upgrades the Rams pass attack, but imagine an injured Leonard Little, who becomes his replacement at DE?