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No Brown out for the Rams

About time we had a little good news to start the day.

I'm assuming by now you've seen the report that Fakhir Brown has won his appeal, according to the PD, meaning he had  already failed a drug test. Now, I guess we can be clear on what those reports were talking about when they made it clear that Brown was highly likely to sit out this season. That was not to be.

Brown will discuss details of the situation at a later date. I'm anxious to hear it. Was it a classic case of ADHD meds, or is that just baseball? Either way, the Rams defense is in much better shape with Brown in the lineup. Combined with Tye Hill, we'll have a solid backfield with above average ability to cover receivers and make tackles.

Hopefully though, a new and improved defensive line, thanks to the draft, will cut down on the number of passes Brown and Hill have to defend. Since we've somehow transitioned into talking about the draft again, I'd say this makes it less likely that the Rams take a corner on the first day of the draft, or at least in the first two rounds. That also ought to cut down on the number of snaps we have to see David Macklin on, if he makes the team.

Some linky business for the morning:

RAMblings endorses drafting Dorsey.

Trading down is still an option for the Rams if they want it. John Clayton runs down the most likely, or at least the most talked about, draft day trade scenarios at ESPN. Keep an eye on what happens with the Jared Allen situation.

The negotiations between the Miami Dolphins and Jake Long are serious, probably more serious than reports of them being a psyche out, according to NFL network's Adam Schefter. That takes away one potential decision for the Rams second pick.

The Saints interest in trading for the Rams #2 pick is mentioned in both of the above stories linked. ProFootballTalk's Rumor Mill reports that the Falcons, with the third overall pick, have received calls as well.