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Rams to visit with Jackson and Greco

Two prospects will pay a visit to Rams Park this month, according to the Post-Dispatch, Cal WR DeSaun Jackson and Toledo OT John Greco. Remember, just visiting is exactly that; it's just a means to help the team get their draft board finalized, etc.

Jackson, 6' 178 lbs, is a solid WR that talent scouts speak well of. He has a good burst of speed, runs routes well with his agility that lets him change directions and make cuts. His profile compares him to Steve Smith. He's a first round pick for sure, ranked among the the top three receivers in the draft. The DraftTek mock draft has DeSean Jackson  going to Tampa with the 20th pick. If the Rams end up trading down and getting more than one pick in the first round, Jackson would be solid pick...providing they take someone for the d-line early on too.

Toledo OT John Greco, 6' 5" 320 lbs, is worth remembering. He's estimated to be a 3rd or 4th round pick, a spot where the Rams could be looking for a tackle. According to his profile, Greco does not fit the mold for left tackle in the pros due mostly to his struggles with the slide back in pass protection and shorter arms. He replaced Toledo LT Nick Kaczur when Kaczur was drafted by the Patriots in 2005. Versatility stands as one of Greco's strengths and playing guard as well as tackle has already been mentioned to the o-line prospect by pro teams. Apparently, one of the strengths in Greco's game is his drive blocking and hand punch, which could suit him to play on the inside at guard. That explains the Rams interest, since any OT drafted would most likely be playing right guard in 2008 and probably 2009. Drafttek has Greco drafted in the third round, 90th overall by Green Bay.