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Saints talk trade with Rams

Trade rumor sighting!

Adam Schefter from reports that the Saints have talked to the Rams about trading up for the #2 pick. The Saints want to add a high impact guy to their d-line, and are, according to the report, quite smitten with LSU's Dorsey. You'll note, however, that Schefter describes the trade talk as being "informal."

The Rams have been talking an awful lot about Dorsey lately. While I have little doubt that they like the DT and are seriously considering taking him at #2, I can't help but wonder if upping the hype factor doesn't at least get them a stronger negotiating point for trade talks. Sounds kind of crazy, I know, but nobody bats an eye when theories about Parcells and Miami using negotiations with Jake Long as a draft ploy.

The same story notes the Ravens' interest in a QB. Trading up from their 8th pick to second would be a sure fire way to get Matt Ryan, no?

You can bet we'll be hearing a lot more trade talk over the next week.