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Mock draft madness!

The Rams portion of the two round SBN mock draft is in the books. Here's the Rams recap:

Round 1: Vernon Gholston, DE, Ohio State Univ.
Round 2: Devin Thomas, WR, Michigan State

We've been over the Gholston pick plenty, and I was prepared to draft an OT in the second round. You can read the rationale over there, but Devin Thomas was too good to pass up and the best OTs on still on the board had a question mark or just weren't worth the 33rd overall pick. Nebraska's Carl Nicks would have been the guy here, but his love for house parties and the resulting ban from Pro Day at Nebraska means that some team would probably pass on him there anyway. SBN's Nebraska blogger from Corn Nation explains the pretty minor trouble Nicks got into in the comments.

Having a WR like Thomas playing with Bennett and Holt his season would be a great fit for the Rams and give them one of the most talented WRs in the draft to fill one of their biggest needs.

If this draft were to continue into the third round, I'd be looking strongly at Toledo's John Greco. He's an OT who can play all four positions on the line, and is a really strong run blocker that would be big upgrade at RG for the Rams this season.

But that's just one potential path for the Rams in the draft this season.

Over at, their mock draft has the Rams taking Michigan OT Jake Long in the first round, with's Nick Wagoner making the pick via video.

If you want to look at more mock drafts, here's the links to more than you can shake a stick at.