Trade it down!

When I first joined this site a month or so ago, I really had no clue of what Rams fans were thinking. Since that time, I have gotten great insight into our Fan's opinions mainly through this sites polling.

For instance, I was a big on the trade down but thought I was a minority. Sure enough, a poll showed most of the Rams fans were for a trade down.

At first I thought about trading down to the 6 or 7. Now, I don't think we can really get anything out of that.

A trade down to the 15-30 range might be different. We would demand a very good player plus the draft pick. We get 3 (picks 1-33) for the price of two. And possibly cheaper (a number two is going to cost big time).

The poll is a about a difinite scenerio, the cowboys, however, I would not expect this to actually happen. My point is, do we try to trade down for something compatible to this poll. 3 for 2?