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Rams vote 'no' on radios for defense

I realize baseball season occupies the minds of so many St. Louis sports lovers. I won't lie; I'm pretty excited about it too. But baseball or not, I still need my football. Football games at least never get rained out, dome or not.

Here's a few afternoon distractions to satisfy your pigskin cravings...without having to open a bag of pork rinds at any rate.

  • Hilarious. Absolutely hilarious.

  • The hair issue has been cut from the docket for now. Radio communication between the coaches and the defense was approved though. I don't think  that's a bad move, and it should help make defensive plays as interesting as offensive plays. Thoughts?

  • The Rams, for what it's worth, voted against the radios for the defense. Hmm. Not much to read into it here, as Mike Sando explains in the link above, the Rams have an offensive guy for a head coach.

  • The SBN mock draft continues, with lots of good analysis, more than you get from lots of the other 400 million mock drafts on the internets. Oakland picked McFadden, and that other team form across the Show Me State picks this evening.

  • The official Rams site is giving fans at-a-glance looks at the much changed, dare I say improved, coaching staff.