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Small moves matter

Don't be too quick to discount those minor moves. Minor moves got major attention last season, as those guys became full time starters last year due to the injury plague.

I suspect if we'd had Adam Goldberg in the lineup for more than four games, the offensive line would have been in a much better place, allowing them to slide Barron to LT to replace Pace and leaving Goldberg at RT rather than the cavalcade of futility that paraded through that spot last season. Resigning him gives us precious depth on the o-line, something I'm convinced you just can't have enough of after last season.

Similar situation with tight end, and the news that the Rams signed TE Anthony Becht. According to the PD, he's a blocking specialist, something the Rams desperately needed at TE last season. The troubles of last year's makeshift o-line are well documented, but those struggles were only made worse by the Rams lack of blockers at TE and fullback, the later a position they still need to address. Surely, as jroman suggested, the Rams will be parting ways with Dominique Byrd.

Trent Green seemed to check out okay according to the Rams team doctors, who I only hope they don't share with the Cardinals (baseball). He should reach a decision soon.

Coming up later today: Mock Draft of the Week