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Rumors to dispell

The Torry Holt to Philly for Lito Sheppard and miscellany rumors were quickly tamped down. Logic should have told everyone that. How can the Rams afford to lose Holt and seriously compete next season?

The rumors of a Jackson to Dallas for a DE and draft picks made more sense; although, those seem to have pittered out as well.

I'd like to see them add some speed at WR. Seahawks WR D.J. Hackett remains an option, but he comes with injury concerns. Still, it's always nice to have a division rival get burned by one of their own. This article mentions some third round possibilities at WR.

Adding another cornerback is something the team would reportedly like to do. In his chat at the PD, Jim Thomas threw out Atlanta CB DeAngelo Hall, whose looking for a trade, and the Billy Devaney ATL connection. Hall wants Asante Samuel money from whatever team he winds up with, which means about $10 million per season. He's a good player, but that price just seems a little out of reach for the Rams right now, unless they make some more roster adjustments. Draft picks would have to be part of that deal, and that's a problem for the Rams who should be looking to add draft picks at this point.

Lito Sheppard could be that CB too. However, the Eagles are entertaining lots of offers for Lito, and position scarcity means that his trade value wouldn't be much different from Hall's.

Rebuilding a team is hard work.