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Old quarterbacks never die

If odds makers put a number on the chances of Trent Green's return to the Lou, a bet wouldn't net you much money. Which is to say, I think the Rams reuniting with Trent Green, once again backing up the Rams starting QB, is highly probable. Green's quotes in the PD article this morning have the feel of inevitability.

It's hard to deny the synergy of bringing back Green. That he'll once again be the backup QB gives the story just a touch of irony too.

Nostalgia-wise, I like it. More importantly, it makes football sense, especially when you consider the Al Saunders connection (Todd Collins was his first choice for a backup) and that Green's certainly more established than some of hte other options out there. Seriously, would you take Joey Harrington or Byron Leftwich before Green? As far as dollar value goes, I can't imagine him being any more expensive than Gus Frerotte, surely.

Don't underestimate the leadership value Green would bring.

I do worry about his dealings with a concussion. That's the type of injury that comes back to haunt a player when they least expect it. He has, however, been medically cleared to play, and I suspect he'd get a thorough examination before they put a contract in front of him.

Speaking of quarterbacks, is streaming Bret Favre's sure-to-be tear jerking farewell press conference today at 11 a.m. central. Here's the link. I know that's not Rams related, but Bret Favre transcends mere team-based loyalty. And without getting Peter King/John Madden squishy about it, I often found myself rooting for the guy, unless he was playing the Rams.

Favre, career passing vs. Rams
179/295, 60.7%, 1947 yards, 14 TDs, 11 INTs