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Greener pastures

We mused on the idle speculation of the Rams trading for Lito Sheppard yesterday, wonder just how much acquiring the Eagles CB would cost the Rams.

Well, here's your answer. Reportedly, the Eagles offered Lito and a second round draft pick for Larry Fitzgerald. It's kind of a backwards calculation, but it would seem to put the price fairly close to the 3rd and 5th round picks Reading Ram mentioned. That would be fine with me, but I'd like to see the Rams get another 3rd round pick if they did make such a move...which is nothing more than talk at this point.

Any takers on Dominque Byrd? I thought not.

Brandon Chillar update
The Rams linebacker worked out for the Cardinals today. (not these Cardinals, although they could probably use him too.) The Farve-less Packers are interested as well. I think the Rams are making a big mistake letting Chillar walk. Yes, he'd require a significant pay raise, but even on the FA market he's not getting stupid offers. There doesn't seem to be any sort of indication that the Rams are pursuing a FA linebacker, although Chillar's probably one of the better LBs still out there on the market. Thus, I'm assuming they're thinking of finding help via the draft and Pisa staying healthy this season. Still, as much as I'd prefer to hang onto Chillar, I can live with a LB corps fronted by Witherspoon, Pisa and the underrated Chris Draft.

It's all Farve, all day on the internets, huh? Except for the occasional Randy Moss item.

Hey, we haven't said much about Trent Green possibly landing here as a back up. Yeah. So, anyway... No, seriously, if he has anything left, he might be a fine backup QB. He's definitely at that stage of his career. He visited the Saints yesterday and is in STL tomorrow. The concussion thing worries me, and I hope the Rams doctors spare no effort in examining him. If he does get an offer, what's the right price? Surely he's not worth $2 million.